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It's Time To Shift

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Embark on your mindset journey with this free online course on Paradigm Shift. Dive into understanding what a paradigm is, how your paradigms are affecting you, and how shifting them will help you achieve your goals. Claim your free access and join the global Great Way Mindset Community!

Your Goal Is Your Compass

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Dream Big, Set Goals, Take Action!

Deepen your mindset and learn how setting goals impacts your results with this online advanced starter course! Learn about the 3 types of goals, how to get clear on what you truly want, creating your vision and how to work towards your goals through daily habits and actions.

Level UP!

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This coaching and digital program is your blueprint and guide to continually Level Up! Create increase in your job, relationships, wealth, and lifestyle. Learn why "self-help" books and videos haven't really helped you get NEW results, and how to make sure that never happens to you again. Discover a Quantum Leap, and how to apply it to your goals and desires. Make a decision and take ACTION!

It's Time to Level Up!

Thinking Into Results

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Join in the global phenomenon started by the Proctor Gallagher Institute, Thinking Into Results. This full coaching program is a combination of online video modules and live coaching calls with James Heinrich, a Certified Proctor Gallagher Coach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers To Common Questions

How long will it take to create the change I want?

You can have it take as long, or as short of a time as you want it to take. Each person is individual

Can coaching help with life transitions like divorce or career change?

Absolutely! The perfect time to create the new you is during a change. Either a change you decide to do, or one that seems to have appeared. Either way, seize the day!

Do I have to make a long term commitment?

Only to yourself. Ask yourself what the cost is of not being everything you want to be right now?

How long does coaching typically last?

It depends on your needs, and what program you decide to take.

What qualifications and experience do your coaches have?


How can career coaching help me advance in my current job?

By knowing who you are, what your motivations are, and where you want to go, new goals can be discovered and reached in record time. Either in your current job or a new one.

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